Mobile Initiative Helps Isolated Caregivers in L.A., Ventura Counties

Senior Concerns, an organization that aims to support caregivers in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, has launched a new Mobile Caregiver Support Center to perform on-site visits and bring experts to isolated caregivers, HealthyCal reports. Details of the Program The mobile program began in July after a year of planning. It involves a small bus [...]

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A Unique Caregiver Program: “We Come to You.”

By Matt Perry One of California’s most deeply embedded community aging organizations is responding to the crisis of at-home caregivers with an intriguing model for stressed out, isolated family members. “We go to the where the people are,” says Andrea Gallagher, president of Senior Concerns, which serves cities in west Los Angeles and eastern Ventura [...]

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Accumulating too much

Right or wrong, many adults tend to measure their happiness by how much stuff they accumulate, but in later life, I think it’s just the opposite. Today Mary, my mother-in-law, is happily living with a few prized possessions in a 400-square-foot room in an assisted-living facility. Last year her home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. [...]

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Chat gives people chance to speak about Medicare

Q: A few months ago I learned a lot about Medicare through a program called MedChat. It was a wonderful experience. Will it will be repeated? A: MedChat is a powerful opportunity to learn not only about Medicare’s benefits but also that you have something to offer to the program. MedChat is sponsored by a [...]

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Boomer Bootcamp gives tools for our future

How do we manage the impact aging boomers will have on society? How do we care for our aging parents? What’s the best way to deal with life’s challenges? If only we were having active conversations about these topics. Why? Because we need to be having this dialogue now if we are to uncover how [...]

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Free memory screenings offered

As part of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s National Memory Screening Day, Senior Concerns will present free memory screenings from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sat., Nov. 16 at 401 Hodencamp Road, Thousand Oaks. The event will also feature Dr. Lisa Hayden and Tee Barr. Hayden, a clinical research psychologist with the Greater Los Angeles [...]

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Lawn sprinklers and Alzheimer’s

Our lawn sprinkler has always given us trouble. My husband tells me it has something to do with the manifolds, the things that have electrical wires connecting the faucet to the valves that control each sprinkler station. I guess if it weren’t for a faulty manifold though, we would not have discovered until much later [...]

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