We invite you to join the 300 Club!

From our humble beginnings in 1978 in the Fitzgerald House to a newly renovated Fitzgerald Wing, we invite you to be a member of Senior Concerns’ 300 Club.

Senior Concerns’ 300 “club members” will fund the renovation of the Fitzgerald Wing.

Your $50 per month (12 month) gift will be matched by David & Linda Catlin to pay for the improvements. Please join us today in this effort so that we may begin renovations in the fall of 2017. 300 Club members will be honored on a plaque in the Fitzgerald Wing and invited to the opening reception. Larger donors will receive commensurate special recognition.

Join the 300 Club by making a one-time donation of $600.

If you would like to make $50 monthly installment payments please contact Janet Young, Director of Development, by calling (805)497-0189 or email: janety@seniorconcerns.org