“Charity Karaoke,
Sing for a Cause!”

WE WON! Congratulations to our singer & Board Member, Peter Cappos, and to back up dancers & Board Members, Marissa Buss and Ilona Clark for helping Senior Concerns win prize money by winning “Voter’s Choice” and taking 2nd Place in the “Judge’s Choice Best Performance” Awards! Thank you to all of our supporters that donated and cheered us on! The money raised will be used to support Senior Concerns’ programs.

It was a wonderful evening full of fun!

Help us win…DONATE NOW!

Charity Karaoke Sing for a Cause is Conejo Valley’s musical fundraiser, benefiting 20 local nonprofits in one big fundraising event. It’s both a fundraising competition and a Karaoke competition. In 2018 and 2019 Charity Karaoke raised over $70,000 for  local nonprofits. 

Senior Concerns is excited to be participating in Charity Karaoke Sing for a Cause 2022!  With the help of our community, we can raise money to support our vital programs, serving our community seniors and their families.  DONATE TODAY to help us bring home the prize money! Together we can reach our fundraising goal!

Award Categories


Senior Concerns is collecting donations before the deadline, in the hopes of raising the most money and win a cash donation prize for our programs of $1,000. Please support Senior Concerns by making a donation in any amount to help us win!


Senior Concerns’ Karaoke Singer, Peter Cappos, will perform on stage at the Canyon Club with a live band,  trying to earn the audience’s text-vote to win “Voter’s Choice.” NEW IN 2022: Only people attending the event can vote, ONE VOTE per person. FIRST PLACE contestant with the most votes wins $3,000 for their nonprofit. SECOND PLACE contestant wins $2,000 for their nonprofit. The competition will be fierce! Come out and vote for Senior Concerns to help us win!


The contestant who has the best performance at the event wins a donation prize for their nonprofit. The winner will be chosen by the Conejo Karaoke Council, a group of three judges. Performance judged on: Karaoke singing, dancing, costume, entertainment value, audience reaction, and overall performance. (Contestants will not be judged on having or not having a professional singing voice.) Prize amount TBD.

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