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The Other Side of 50

Andrea Gallagher, President of Senior Concerns, authors a bi-weekly column for the Thousand Oaks Acorn titled “The Other Side of 50,” focusing on life planning, positive aging and Boomer transitions.

Malnutrition is a health threat that’s rarely diagnosed

As if being admitted to the hospital isn’t challenging enough, there’s often an additional underlying and undiagnosed condition occurring in one-third of seniors who are admitted: undernourishment. Statistically, it is estimated that 1 in 3 adult patients age 60 and older are malnourished. Why is it then that in a [...]

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Meditation by kayak

And I call forward an equally memorable time kayaking on the Charles River when I want to relive a great experience. Until I kayaked again on Westlake Lake after a 10-year hiatus, I really had forgotten how physical interaction with nature can nourish my psyche so significantly. In the next [...]

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