Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment is approaching

QUESTION: If I remember correctly it is about this time of year that Medicare has its Annual Open Enrollment. Can you provide the dates and any information that would be helpful? ANSWER: Medicare Annual Open Enrollment will start on Tuesday October 15th and run through Saturday December 7th. During this period you can change the [...]

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Senior Concerns Offers Free Seminar: Medicare: What’s New for 2020

Senior Concerns, as part of its commitment to provide support for seniors, will present a community seminar titled “Medicare: What’s New for 2020,” on Tuesday, October 22,, 2019, 4:00-5:30 p.m. at Senior Concerns, 401 Hodencamp Road, Thousand Oaks. This informative seminar is being led by Senior Concerns’ Senior Advocate Betty Berry. This seminar will help [...]

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Understanding in-home health care under Medicare

QUESTION: I am going to need in-home health care and wonder how to go about selecting an appropriate agency. Is there anything in particular I should focus on and does Medicare have any special requirements in order for the care to be covered? ANSWER: Medicare Part B covers medically necessary part-time or intermittent skilled nursing [...]

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What to know when choosing a hospice provider

QUESTION: A family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and while not needed at this particular time I am beginning to think about hospice services. When looking into this type of care what should I consider when selecting a hospice provider? ANSWER: I commend you on preparing for future needs. It is something [...]

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How safe is that safe deposit box

My neighbor John has been collecting gold coins for the past 20 years. Upon buying a coin, he would place it in the safe deposit box he and his wife, Caitlin, rented at their bank. John put the gold there for an obvious reason: security. A thick steel door safeguards hundreds of stacked metal boxes. [...]

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Medicare and the appeal process

Question: Medicare denied payment for services I recently had and indicated I could appeal their decision. How do I start this process? ANSWER: Denial of payment for services can occur for many reasons. Before starting the appeal process it would be wise to talk with provider’s office to see if the problem is due to [...]

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