Seniors, it’s time for an economic checkup

Q: I am a low-income senior and have heard friends talk about assistance they are receiving from various programs. Do you know where I could obtain information about some of these programs? A: You have asked a question that might be of interest to many low-income seniors, so mark your calendar for Feb. 22. Senior [...]

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One subject that’s seriously tough to swallow

My father has an appointment with the gastroenterologist.  He says he's having trouble swallowing some foods, especially cheeseburgers, which are a favorite of his. Difficulty swallowing is not new for my father. When he was in his early 70s, my parents frequently visited my sister in New Hampshire. On those visits, my father would have [...]

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Both spouses should be familiar with household finances

Q: My dad has always handled the finances and paperwork for the household. My mother has said she didn't want the responsibility, but I am concerned about what will occur if something happens to my dad and he could no longer do it. Any suggestions as to how to get my mother involved? A: It [...]

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It takes work to manage prescription drugs

Q: I am trying to help my parents manage their prescription drugs. They each take several as well as over-the-counter items and vitamins. Do you have any suggestions? A: Managing multiple medicines is never an easy job and when you are helping with medications for several people the job becomes many times more difficult. Three [...]

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A time to honor those who care

Our community is full of them. They often go unnoticed by friends and neighbors. Their role is not known to their employer. For many, their doctor is unaware of their situation. Where's the story? They walk among us, shop among us, work among us—yet we don’t see them for what they are: family caregivers. As [...]

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Understanding Medicare Part B Deductible

QUESTION:  At the start of each year I get confused about the Medicare Part B deductible.  I have several doctors and never know which one I should pay.  Can you provide a simple explanation? ANSWER:  The key to understanding the puzzle can be found in your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN). The Medicare Part B deductible [...]

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