On aging with grace

Earlier this year, history.com cited the “Seven Most Contentious U.S. Presidential Elections.” The current election had not, at that point, made the list. I think it is safe to say that during this past presidential race, very little grace was shown at a time when our country could have used courtesy and goodwill from our [...]

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Alzheimer’s disease differs from age-related memory loss

QUESTION: When I was growing up, memory loss, often called senility, was just normally expected to occur with old age. Today, I hear memory loss referred to as Alzheimer's. Has senility just been given a new name or is Alzheimer's something different? ANSWER: I can remember being told exactly what you heard and am sure [...]

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Classes, workshops and information about updating wills offered

QUESTION: You have provided information about Osher Lifelong Learning Institute classes in the past. Do you have any information about the single-session classes being offered between the fall and winter semesters? ANSWER: Yes — I was given that information last week. During the semester break, six classes will be offered at two locations: “Kemal Ataturk, [...]

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