Nurses deserve a week of attention

The month of May has several days celebrating special things. One of my favorites is May 25, 2017—National Chardonnay Day! On a more serious note, May 6 through 12 was National Nurses Week, which got me to thinking about the nurses who have made an impression on my life. One of my first nursing memories [...]

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Thousand Oaks event celebrates get-up-and-go spirit

QUESTION: Do you know of any special activities planned for National Senior Health & Fitness Day? ANSWER: The Reserve at Thousand Oaks and the Goebel Adult Community Center are co-sponsoring a day of activities to celebrate the 24th Annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day. The activities will be held at the Reserve on May 31 from 8:30 [...]

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Health & Welfare Expo is coming up in Ventura

QUESTION: In the past you have provided information about special activities offered by Cypress Place. I am wondering if there is anything scheduled in the next few months? ANSWER: A very timely question. Cypress Place Senior Living in Ventura will be hosting its annual Health & Wealth Expo on May 24 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The keynote [...]

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Living with Parkinson’s

I distinctly remember the day I realized my father had something wrong with him. It was 1992, and my husband and I had recently moved to California. My parents came for their first visit to see us from their home in Cape Cod. One day on our way to lunch, my mother and I were [...]

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Phone lines help residents avoid scams, find eldercare referrals

QUESTION: I just heard that the Thousand Oaks Police Department now has a hotline about current scams. Do you have any information about this service? ANSWER: Yes, I do. The Thousand Oaks Police Department has launched a scam hotline to help educate the community about current scams. The hotline telephone number is 371-8327 and it provides information on [...]

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