Consider several factors when picking retirement community Betty Berry

Q: I’ve been widowed for almost two years and am considering a move. My home and yard are more than I want to continue to care for. I am active and independent, but at times I am very lonely. I’m considering what they call retirement living. Can you provide some guidance about this subject? A: [...]

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Carrots or cookies

When I was a kid, my mother taught me a lesson about appetites and hunger. An hour before dinner, when I asked her for a snack, she offered me carrots. “But I’m not hungry for carrots,” I whined, “I’m hungry for a cookie.” She replied, “If you’re not hungry for carrots then you’re not really [...]

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Been there myself

Readers of this column know that I often write candidly about family situations and experiences. Just last month I trekked to cold and snowy Boston to care for my sister. She is ill with a chronic disease. There is much I’d like to write about her situation. For example, there’s the financial impact of a [...]

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Take steps to manage prescription drugs

Q: I am trying to help my parents manage their prescription drugs. They each take several, as well as over-the-counter items and vitamins. Do you have any suggestions? A: Managing multiple medicines is never an easy job, and it becomes more difficult when you are helping with medications for several people. Three out of four [...]

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