Selfies for Seniors

selfie Pronunciation: sel·fie Definition: A picture you take of yourself, or yourself with others, when you hold your cellphone at arm’s length, point the phone’s camera at yourself and press the button. You may think selfies are just for the Millennial Generation, but really selfies are for everyone! And, we invite you to get into [...]

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Determining your primary health care coverage provider

Q: I recently applied for my Medicare benefits and soon after received a form to complete asking for information about employer’s health plans that I might be entitled to. Why would Medicare need such information? A: Medicare needs to know about other health care coverage in order to establish your benefits file and to determine whether Medicare [...]

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Testing for Alzheimer’s

I know many people who worry about getting Alzheimer’s because a grandparent, parent or sibling suffers from it. When keys are lost, eyeglasses are misplaced, or things historically recalled are forgotten, family members of those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias often wonder if they, too, have the disease. But according to the Alzheimer’s Association, the [...]

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Checking for Medicare fraud by in-home agencies

Q: In the past I’ve heard about Medicare fraud and how important it is for everyone to fight it. I’m sure fraud occurs in all areas of care but am concerned with services provided by in-home agencies. What red flags would you suggest we look for? A: You are correct. Fraud occurs in all areas of our [...]