Pronunciation: sel·fie

Definition: A picture you take of yourself, or yourself with others, when you hold your cellphone at arm’s length, point the phone’s camera at yourself and press the button.

You may think selfies are just for the Millennial Generation, but really selfies are for everyone!

And, we invite you to get into the selfie craze by celebrating the seniors we love with Selfies for Seniors.

It’s easy, fun and you’ll be helping to ensure Senior Concerns can provide vital services such as our Adult Day Program, Meals On Wheels, and Caregiver Support Center to seniors and family caregivers in our community.

All we ask is that you make a donation to Senior Concerns by clicking here .

Then go to Facebook and post a selfie of your favorite senior on your Facebook page and share it on the Senior Concerns Facebook page.

What makes a good selfie? If you like it, it’s good!

What if I want to post of photo that is not a selfie? Not a problem! If you have a photo of a senior who means a lot to you that you’d like to share, please do! We are not limiting this to selfies!

If you don’t have Facebook, send us your photo at and we will post it for you!

I hope you will join our Selfies for Seniors campaign by honoring the seniors we love and helping us flood Facebook with photos of the inspirational seniors who have changed our lives.

Thank you for your continued support!

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