Thousand Oaks may get Village to Village

QUESTION: If I remember correctly, there has been some activity in the past regarding a possible Village to Village program in Thousand Oaks. Is there any update on that potential program happening in the Conejo Valley? ANSWER: You recall correctly. The committee that was researching the possibility has done extensive work on this project and [...]

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Twitter meme shows changing times

I recently heard about a Twitter meme called #firstsevenjobs. A meme, if you don’t know, is an activity or image spread rapidly by internet users. The objective with this particular meme is to list your first seven jobs, starting from the first time you received pay from someone other than your parents. Some of the [...]

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A little planning can help prevent falls

Q: In the past few months I have had several friends laid up because of falls. I believe this is one of the most serious things that can happen to a senior. Do you agree, and, if so do you have any hints on how to avoid falls especially in the home? A: Yes, I [...]

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Senior Concerns’ services have grown with population

Certain charitable organizations are even more vital today than they were 20 years ago. For example, brain disorder nonprofits like the Alzheimer’s Association orAutism Speaks are serving a much larger percentage of the population today than when they were founded. Whether the originators of these organizations were visionary or were simply responding to a need [...]

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Understanding long-term care policy premiums

Q: I have a long-term care policy that I purchased about 10 years ago and have just received a notice that my premium is going to increase by a substantial amount. I am provided with several options for reducing the premium amount but not sure what is best and how it will reduce the premium. [...]

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Learn about hospice care before you actually need it

Q: A family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and while not needed at this particular time I am beginning to think about hospice services. When looking into this type of care what should I consider when selecting a hospice provider? A: I commend you on preparing for future needs. It is something [...]

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Livingston nurse group offers classes on diabetes

Q: A family member just told me she is a prediabetic. I would like to learn more about this condition and what one should do if they are diagnosed with it. Do you know where I start my search for information? A: The Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association provides free diabetes classes at a number [...]

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