Aging could affect your driving skills

QUESTION: I am constantly hearing that senior drivers are not safe drivers. Can you tell me what we older drivers should be looking at to determine if we have safety problems? ANSWER: Getting older doesn’t necessarily make you an unsafe driver, however, there are changes in our bodies that could affect our driving skills over time. Let’s look [...]

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Volunteering has positive benefits for all involved

QUESTION: Now that I am retired, I’m considering volunteering. Any suggestions? ANSWER: Volunteering is a wonderful and rewarding undertaking, and no matter what venue selected, you will be greeted with open arms. I don’t know of a single nonprofit organization and even some for-profit agencies as well as community-based programs not looking for volunteers to [...]

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Six-week workshop to cover living with diabetes

QUESTION: I am looking for information about living with diabetes. Someone told me about a six-week workshop being offered — do you have any information about where and when? ANSWER: Yes, I do and I would be more than glad to share it with you. You are asking about a self-management diabetes workshop called “Everyone with Diabetes Counts.” [...]

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