Care transitions challenge seniors

My dad recently went through a difficult transition: from the ER to the hospital to rehab and then home, all as a result of passing out due to orthostatic hypotension (falling blood pressure when standing or stretching). These movements from place to place and practitioner to practitioner are called “care transitions” and occur as a [...]

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Why are you calling me?

A few Saturday mornings ago I was jolted awake by a phone call at 6:15. “Is this Andrea Gallagher?” “Yes, who’s this?” “This is Lifeline, Mrs. Gallagher. Your mother pushed her Lifeline button a little while ago and asked us to call an ambulance. Your father passed out. He and your mom are on their [...]

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Ombudsman gives voice to those in long-term care facilities

Q: I just placed a family member in a nursing facility and there was mention of the long-term care ombudsman. What does an ombudsman do? A: “Ombudsman” is a Swedish word meaning “citizen representative.” The long-term care ombudsman is a state-certified community volunteer trained to investigate and resolve problems for residents of long-term care facilities. [...]

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