Brush up on street smarts

Q: I am amazed at what I read and hear about people who commit acts of violence. Do you have any advice on avoiding being a victim? A: A “Can You Pass the Street Smarts IQ/Test?” seminar on May 8 in Westlake Village will address this subject. Most people know dangers exist but think that [...]

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Practice caution when taking medications

Q: I have read that many health problems result from incorrect handling or taking of medications. Could you address the importance of understanding how to use medications? A: I checked with a friend who is a pharmacist to see whether any particular areas could cause potential problems and was surprised at what I learned. Start [...]

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A different kind of path

After their retirement, my parents loved to walk along the pathways in the nearby state park. It was there they noticed the first signs. My mom said she noticed my father wasn’t swinging one of his arms while walking and he was stumbling over small roots. Soon after they came to visit me in California, [...]

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How to help someone with a disability

Q: Many times I find I want to offer assistance to people with disabilities but do not want to offend. Do you have any suggestions? A: I have spoken with people with some type of physical challenge, and they provided simple ways to make everyone more comfortable in such a situation. When meeting someone with [...]

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Grant funds go to Thousand Oaks nonprofit dedicated to seniors

Senior Concerns in Thousand Oaks, a nonprofit that provides an adult day program for seniors with dementia and other special needs, recently was awarded a $150,000 grant from the Weingart Foundation. “One area of particular interest to the Weingart Foundation is older adults,” said Andrea Gallagher, president of Senior Concerns, which has received grant funding [...]

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Hospitalizing a parent: 10 things to consider

Part two of a two-part series Part one in this series highlighted five ways we can help our parents plan in advance of an unexpected hospitalization, including establishing an advanced directive and durable powers of attorney, making their healthcare wishes known, listing children on HIPAA forms at their physicians’ offices, documenting and sharing family and [...]

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Workshop to focus on ways caregivers can help loved ones stay independent

Senior Concerns in Thousand Oaks will host a workshop Tuesday about ways caregivers can help sustain their loved ones’ independence. Caregiving: Solutions Supporting Independence will be presented by Holly Spiegel, founder and senior design consultant for Adaptive Design Associates, and Patti Smith, a full-time caregiver to her older sister, who died of breast cancer. “We [...]

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