As more seniors age alone, more planning is required

My friend Dr. Sara Zeff Geber coined the term “solo agers” after realizing so many of her childfree friends were caring for their aging parents. The question loomed large: Who was going to care for them when they got older? Geber’s term has expanded to include older adults who are geographically distant from their children [...]

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REAL ID Rules Go Into Effect October 2020

  QUESTION:  Can you provide any information about the REAL ID Card that we are being told we need to apply for.  I’ve heard all kinds of things but don’t really know why and what I need to do.   ANSWER:  A very good question.  The information I will give you is provided by the [...]

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Work-At-Home Jobs: Legitimate or Scams?

  QUESTION:  I have found a number of ads for work-at-home jobs.  How can I determine if these are legitimate businesses or a scam?   ANSWER:  An excellent question.  My advice is – don’t take their word for it – you need to do your own investigation.   These ads make working-at-home sound like a [...]

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Pre-planning Can Bring Relief to a Surviving Spouse

QUESTION:  Several of my friends recently lost their spouses and have commented on some of the difficulties they are facing due to lack of information on financial matters, people who should be contacted and legal issues.  Can you provide some steps that should be taken to avoid this type of problem?   ANSWER:  An excellent [...]

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Fitness Is Important for Our Brains and Bodies

  QUESTION:  I am a senior approaching 75 and very concerned about cognitive decline.  Are there any steps a person can take to eliminate or reduce the risk?   ANSWER:  I am sure there are a number of readers who have this same concern.  We all know that exercise and healthy habits help keep our [...]

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