Senior Advocate: Long-term-care ombudsman is a citizen representative

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, July 20, 2010  Q: I just placed a family member in a nursing facility, which mentioned a long-term-care ombudsman. Can you explain what an ombudsman does? A: I’d be glad to. “Ombudsman” is a Swedish word that means citizen representative. A long-term-care ombudsman is a state-certified community volunteer who is trained [...]

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Daily Choices and Your Health

How much do your day-to-day choices determine your long-term health and well-being? When it comes to longevity, Sophie, 95, has great genes. Most of her blood relatives have lived well past the age of 80. Now a resident of a local assisted living community, Sophie enjoys brunch, bingo, brain fitness and the occasional bourbon. Sophie [...]

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The Other Side of 50

How old is “old”? One adage says it’s 10 years older than whatever age you are. That may be true, but one thing for certain is we’re all getting older. With each birthday our bodies creak more noticeably or we do a 5K a little more slowly or we forget more often why we went [...]

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Senior Advocate: Employer policy not same as medigap

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, July 6, 2010  Q: I retired before age 65 and have healthcare benefits from my employer. Will this be considered a Medicare supplement when I go on Medicare? A: Since you are not yet age 65 your employer-provided healthcare benefit is your primary coverage. When you turn 65 and go on [...]

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