Mark your calendars for upcoming events

QUESTION: I am looking for information about a variety of services and wonder if there is a single place where I can start my search. Do you have any suggestions? ANSWER: You are looking for an expo type event where many service providers are gathered together under one roof — and you are in luck [...]

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Give gift of happy memories

As we age, our memories seem more significant, and more vivid. Holidays are a great time for sharing memories. At our holiday events we inevitably end up in fits of laughter, holding our sides and wiping away tears. Some of our stories get retold each year. Like the time my dad was using a blowtorch [...]

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Program might help cover electricity for life-support equipment

QUESTION: Many people, like me, must use electronically operated life-support equipment. With the high cost of electricity, I was wondering, is there is any program that assists with this expense? ANSWER: Yes, there is a program to help with the cost of electrically operated life support equipment. Southern California Edison has a program called Medical [...]

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This holiday season, don’t forget to shine your light on others

“It feels good to be a part of the universe as it shines upon others,” Acorn’s“Family Man” columnist Michael Picarella recently noted. Why is helping someone an action we associate with the feeling of being happy? One explanation is that in doing so we experience “vicarious joy,” or the pleasure we get from improving another’s [...]

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