About Betty Berry

Betty Berry brings a deep understanding of senior issues to her position as Senior Advocate for Senior Concerns. She has advocated for seniors since 1993. Through the Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Program, known as HICAP, she is registered with the State of California as an Insurance Counselor, a Long-Term Care Insurance Counselor and a Community Educator. She has served on the Area Agency on Aging’s Advisory Council as a member and Chair, has been a member of the Financial Abuse Strategic Team (FAST) and currently serves on the Conejo Senior Volunteer Program (CSVP) Advisory Board and authors the Senior Advocate column that appears in the Ventura County Star. Betty completed her undergraduate degree at California Lutheran University and earned her Juris Doctorate degree at Ventura College of Law.

Hospice 101

QUESTION:  I am looking for information about hospice. What is it, does Medicare cover it and how does a person qualify for coverage?   ANSWER:  Hospice is a unique way of caring for a person with an advanced illness.  It focuses on palliative care instead of curative care.  It includes pain management and other services [...]

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Keep An Inventory of Your Wallet

QUESTION:  During a recent business trip my husband lost his wallet and I’m trying to replace the contents.  This is a difficult job since he doesn’t remember everything that he carried.  Please tell others to inventory what they carry with them in case they should have the need to replace a wallet’s contents.   ANSWER:  [...]

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Social Security Disability

QUESTION:  My husband was considered disabled by his employer yet when he applied for Social Security disability he was turned down.  Can you provide an explanation?   ANSWER:  It is not unusual for a person to be turned down when first applying for Social Security disability.  Perhaps Social Security just needs some additional information.  I [...]

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Recent Changes in Medicare

 QUESTION:  Medicare has been health care coverage for seniors for many years – are there any recent changes made that improve their services?  ANSWER:  Medicare is now 54 years old.  It was signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson with President Harry S Truman at his side; through the years that followed [...]

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