About Betty Berry

Betty Berry brings a deep understanding of senior issues to her position as Senior Advocate for Senior Concerns. She has advocated for seniors since 1993. Through the Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Program, known as HICAP, she is registered with the State of California as an Insurance Counselor, a Long-Term Care Insurance Counselor and a Community Educator. She has served on the Area Agency on Aging’s Advisory Council as a member and Chair, has been a member of the Financial Abuse Strategic Team (FAST) and currently serves on the Conejo Senior Volunteer Program (CSVP) Advisory Board and authors the Senior Advocate column that appears in the Ventura County Star. Betty completed her undergraduate degree at California Lutheran University and earned her Juris Doctorate degree at Ventura College of Law.

Can lifestyle affect memory?

QUESTION: I keep hearing that our lifestyle can affect our memory. Can diet and exercise really help our memory and prevent dementia? ANSWER: I wish I had the perfect answer that by changing your diet and exercising more you could prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Unfortunately, we still have no sure way to prevent or [...]

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Family caregiving needs are on the rise

QUESTION: I am reading and hearing more and more about family caregivers and family caregiving. Do you have any facts or figures about this subject? ANSWER: You are hearing more and more about family caregiving and family caregivers because the need for this type of care is growing every day. During any given year one-third [...]

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Navigating placement options

QUESTION: I am a caregiver for a family member and currently doing okay but I know in the future I will need to seek placement. What should I look for in selecting a facility? ANSWER: You are to be commended for looking into placement well in advance of when you are actually going to need [...]

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Walkers need to be alert at all times

QUESTION: I have been told walking will help my physical problems. While I think walking a great exercise I am concerned with traffic and potential accidents. Do you have any hints on ways to reduce a chance of an accident? ANSWER: Pedestrian safety is very important because it affects each of us every time we [...]

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Understanding Medicare’s “Benefit Period”

QUESTION: My mother has been in and out of hospitals for the past two years. She used her 100 days in a skilled nursing facility and now my father is paying the bill. She went back in the hospital for four days. I thought that if you were hospitalized and returned to a skilled nursing [...]