Special event to support a local nonprofit

QUESTION:  I have just returned to the Conejo Valley and am trying to get caught up on activities that take place in the community.  If I remember correctly every August or September Senior Concerns had a function – the Ultimate Dining Experience.  Does that event still take place?   ANSWER:  Yes, the Ultimate Dining Experience [...]

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Malnutrition is a health threat that’s rarely diagnosed

As if being admitted to the hospital isn’t challenging enough, there’s often an additional underlying and undiagnosed condition occurring in one-third of seniors who are admitted: undernourishment. Statistically, it is estimated that 1 in 3 adult patients age 60 and older are malnourished. Why is it then that in a study of 6 million adult [...]

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Be Proactive When It Comes to Personal Safety

QUESTION:  Crime seems to be all we hear or read about.  Any suggestions on steps to take to help with personal safety?   ANSWER:  Personal safety is something everyone should practice.  There are steps we can take at home and when we are out and about that will help us avoid being a victim.   [...]

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