About Andrea Gallagher

Andrea Gallagher is President of Senior Concerns. She is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Founder of Rethinking Your Future™ and The Cards I’ve Been Dealt. Andrea served as past President of Life Planning Network; a national community of professionals from diverse fields who support individuals to successfully plan for and navigate the second half of life. She served as Life Transitions Chair of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth International Conference on Positive Aging. Andrea is co-leader of the Conejo Senior Resource Network, part of the Greater Conejo Chamber of Commerce. She is the creator of the distinguished speakers series Boomer Bootcamp. Andrea is one of the editors and a chapter contributor to LIVE SMART AFTER 50! An Experts’ Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times (Cypress House, January 2013) and the author of The Other Side of Fifty, a bi-monthly newspaper column. Andrea is a national speaker on topics related to life planning, positive aging and Boomer transitions.

Comfort at Arms Length

You are sitting in your favorite spot in your home—what do you have within arm’s reach? I recently polled my workmates and received a host of answers, including a computer or iPad, tissues, reading material, Sudoku or crossword puzzles, a pen, a notepad, the television remote, a beverage and, of course, a cellphone. As human [...]

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Celebrating life in isolation

Birthdays during the pandemic have certainly changed. Take, for example, a first birthday, when a child’s parents reflect on how quickly the year has gone. One-year-olds have achieved so much in their first year. They have developed their own personality and can really enjoy the excitement of a party just for them. My great-nephew, Wyatt, [...]

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COVID unpredictability lingers

Before COVID-19, many of us over the age of 60 never regarded ourselves as “older adults” or as someone with an underlying medical condition. However, it didn’t take long for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and county public health officers to place new classifications on us once the novel coronavirus arrived in the [...]

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Team bonds responding to those in need

Sometimes a crisis can connect a team in a way no other experience could. I am one member of a small team of non-furloughed employees working in the Senior Concerns office and responding to calls. The metaphor “band of brothers” keeps coming to mind. This historical phrase refers to a diverse set of men who [...]