About Andrea Gallagher

Andrea Gallagher is President of Senior Concerns. She is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Founder of Rethinking Your Future™ and The Cards I’ve Been Dealt. Andrea served as past President of Life Planning Network; a national community of professionals from diverse fields who support individuals to successfully plan for and navigate the second half of life. She served as Life Transitions Chair of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth International Conference on Positive Aging. Andrea is co-leader of the Conejo Senior Resource Network, part of the Greater Conejo Chamber of Commerce. She is the creator of the distinguished speakers series Boomer Bootcamp. Andrea is one of the editors and a chapter contributor to LIVE SMART AFTER 50! An Experts’ Guide to Life Planning for Uncertain Times (Cypress House, January 2013) and the author of The Other Side of Fifty, a bi-monthly newspaper column. Andrea is a national speaker on topics related to life planning, positive aging and Boomer transitions.

Eating with others can provide an emotional boost

One thing the past few years has taught us is the value of breaking bread with family and friends. Holiday meals, casual barbecues, Sunday suppers and milestone dinner celebrations were sorely missed during the height of the pandemic. My friend Nancy and I were talking recently about one of her family traditions, and it struck [...]

Making childhood memories last well into adulthood

This month my 3-year-old grandnephew, Wyatt, took his first airplane ride. What’s more, he was chosen to visit with the pilot and co-pilot, and he even got to sit in the cockpit in the pilot’s seat. My sister sent my mom and me the pictures of the occasion. In addition to remarking how stinking cute [...]

Clearing the way for reading enjoyment

If your friends are anything like mine, casual conversations these days often turn to a discussion of the amazing television series they’ve been watching on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I appreciate their enthusiasm and write down their recommendations, fully intending to check them out as soon as I have some free time. [...]

That cold might be COVID, so it’s best to play it safe

Last week my sister’s father-in-law, who lives on the East Coast, was mowing his lawn. After he finished, he started feeling respiratory discomfort, chalking it up to the grass and weeds he’d stirred up while mowing. A few days later, his wife experienced a runny nose, cough and muscle aches. Suspicious of her symptoms, she [...]

The modern world challenges old-school ways

When it comes to everyday tasks, I’m caught between the modern world and my old-school ways. The term “old-school” refers to a style, method or device that’s no longer used or done because it has been replaced by something that’s more modern. Think of combing through that huge paper phone book that’s been replaced by [...]

Community presentations can spark important conversations

One of my favorite parts of my job is public speaking. I know that stirs up anxiety and fear in some people, but for me it’s invigorating. Groups are beginning to meet in person again, and I’m enjoying making the rounds to the Senior Summit; Rotary, Kiwanis, Delta Cappa Gamma and Brandeis groups; places of [...]

Nature’s gift can bring serenity if we just take time to look

A few weeks ago, I attended a work conference with my husband. I was the trailing spouse, which meant I could relax and enjoy myself while he attended CPA classes. A free vacation sounded good to me, especially after these past 24 months. Yet little did I know just how restorative this trip would be. [...]