Ensure your Social Security records are accurate

Q: While paying into Social Security, I have had several name changes. How can I determine whether my earning records are accurate? A: I asked the Social Security to explain the process it follows when it receives an earnings report that does not match the name and Social Security number in the files. The agency [...]

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Dogs get dementia, too

My cocker spaniel Buddy is the love of my life—but don’t tell that to his cocker “brother” Rolo. Buddy was my first dog and is even dearer to my heart because he is a Senior Concerns’ dog. Ten years ago Buddy was rescued from the pound by an employee of Senior Concerns. Three years later [...]

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How to get what you pay for

Q: I don’t know if it is because I’m a senior but I’m tired of receiving poor responses to problems I try to resolve. Can you make any suggestions? A: When you find that service or merchandise is less than acceptable, you have a right to complain. To be effective, be brief, to the point [...]

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Make informed decisions on retirement living

Q: I’ve been widowed for almost two years and am considering a move. I am active and independent but lonely at times. I am considering what they call retirement living. Can you provide some guidance? A: Retirement living is one alternative the retirement housing industry offers seniors. You’ll find this type of accommodation referred to [...]

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