Understanding the language in wills & trusts

QUESTION: I am trying to get my affairs in order and am somewhat confused by some of the terms associated with wills and trusts. Could you provide definitions for those terms? ANSWER: An excellent question. I’ll try to define some of the most common terms that you will likely encounter. Some may be very familiar [...]

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Want your legacy to live on? Consider a charitable gift

When most people hear the words “planned giving,” their eyes glaze over. In the over-50 population, there’s a general lack of awareness and understanding about the concept. This is too bad, because with the collective wealth of baby boomers, their planned gifts can have significant social impact. Planned giving is the process of making a [...]

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Veteran’s benefits – where to find help

QUESTION: I am a caregiver for my parents and have been reviewing their financial situation. I have several questions about Veteran’s Benefits that my dad may be entitled to. Do you know who I can contact? ANSWER: You should contact Ventura County Veterans Services. This agency has a staff of professional veterans claim officers who [...]

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How to offer help to those with disabilities

QUESTION: Some time ago you wrote a column about how to help or give assistance to a person who has a vision problem. I found it very informative and wonder if you have any suggestions when encountering those with other types of disabilities. Many times I find I want to offer assistance but do not [...]

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Senior Concerns Offers Memory Cafe

As part of its commitment to provide support for seniors with dementia and their family caregivers, Senior Concerns is offering quarterly Memory Cafes, with the next Memory Café scheduled for Saturday, August 10 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Senior Concerns, 401 Hodencamp Road in Thousand Oaks. Atria Hillcrest will be providing lunch. A [...]

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Should My Parent Continue to Live Alone?

QUESTION:  I just spent some time with my dad who lives in another state and came away with some concerns about him continuing to live alone.  What signs would indicate that it might be time to seek assistance for him?   ANSWER:  A number of signs could send up a red-flag warning that not all [...]

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