Senior Concerns hires new director

Rosemary Flores- Gordon, MBA, joined Senior Concerns as director of the adult day program on July 14. An expert in business development and program implementation, Flores-Gordon has worked with patients and families in the Alzheimer’s/ dementia arena. Most recently, she served as regional director of the Alzheimer’s Association, where she helped to develop a variety [...]

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Some like it hot

Last week I hosted an early morning meeting of care professionals at Senior Concerns. Where's the story? PointsMentioned Map5 Points Mentioned As we sailed into the second hour of our meeting and the early-morning coolness gave way to summer heat, many of us in the room were sweating. When I asked why the room’s air [...]

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Free seminars could end up costing you

Q: Every day, I seem to have a mailbox full of invitations to free seminars on living trusts and financial planning. Would these seminars provide me with the information I need? A: The answer may be yes — but more likely no. These seminars address general issue of estate planning. The right strategies for a [...]

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Lessons of rock

A confession: When I was young, “good” rock ’n’ roll somewhat eluded me. I was born in 1958. I loved songs like The Foundation’s “Build Me Up Buttercup.” Petula Clark’s “Downtown” was also one of my faves and the innocence of early bubblegum rock (The Monkees, invasion (Beatles, Rolling Stones) was not my cup of [...]

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How will we care for the caregivers?

A tsunami is coming and the community may not be prepared, according to Andrea Gallagher, president of Senior Concerns. The organization, which supports seniors and their caregivers, met with Conejo Valley government, health and nonprofit agencies on Monday to talk about providing care for the elderly in the face of a looming crisis: The number [...]

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Meals on Wheels receives $20K boost

Local nonprofits and low income homeowners are putting to use $557,289 in federal grants to help poor and underserved people in  Thousand Oaks . Last month the City Council approved a plan to distribute the Community Development Block Grants, provided each year by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. About $59,000 of the [...]

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