Older adults navigating the digital world

Are non tech savvy older adults being left behind in a digital world? The COVID-19 pandemic has made technology access even more important for our everyday services.  Not only has ordering groceries and household goods online become the norm, banks and libraries have also expanded their online presence. Everything from seminars, classes, book clubs, support [...]

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Free tax help is available for seniors

Even in a pandemic, the tax season goes on. Free tax preparation help for seniors goes on, too, albeit with some changes. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program offers free tax help to people who make $57,000 or less, people with disabilities and taxpayers who speak limited English and need assistance in preparing their tax [...]

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Banking During the Pandemic

Q:  I am having problems doing my banking during COVID. My local bank branches have closed temporarily and I am not sure I am comfortable banking online.  What are my options for banking? A: Banking during the pandemic is another area that has shifted to more online options. Internet technology is amazing and has certainly [...]

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