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Aggressive behavior and dementia

Q: Why do some people become aggressive when they have dementia? A: Dementia is a general term for memory loss and loss of other cognitive abilities that is severe enough to interfere with daily life. The most common form is Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for 60-80% of all cases of dementia. Unfortunately, it is not [...]

Does Medicare cover therapy services?

Q: Does Medicare cover therapy services? A: Medicare Part B does cover therapy services and other mental health outpatient services. Individual and group psychotherapy with approved licensed professionals is covered. In addition, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, family counseling (if important to help with your treatment), depression screening, and more are part of the Medicare Part [...]

Are there really secrets to healthy aging and longevity?

Q: What are the secrets to healthy aging and longevity? A: Perhaps the secrets to healthy aging and living a long life are not so secret! When I look this up online the main answers are what one would expect: staying engaged with friends and family, eating healthy, and exercising regularly.  Of course, sometimes there [...]

Trusting your “gut” is a large piece in making decisions

Q:  It feels like there is so much available information when I am trying to make decisions, from deciding if I should move, to what doctor to see, to even which restaurant to go to! How can I know if I am making the right decisions? A:  I think the availability of information nowadays on [...]

Managing inflation on a fixed income

Q: How can I help manage my money better when inflation has prices rising and my income is fixed? A: The rising prices of everything from groceries to gas are squeezing budgets tighter. Yet, for most older adults their income is staying the same. According to the National Council on Aging, over 15 million Americans [...]

Understanding the difference between home caregivers and Home Health Care Agencies

Q: Can you explain the difference between in home caregivers and home health care agencies? A: Many people do not understand the difference between in home caregivers and Home Health Care Agencies that are covered by Medicare. It is important to understand the difference and the limits of each type of care, as well as [...]

Memory problems, even at a young age, need to be assessed

Q: I am worried about my friend who seems to be having memory problems. Could she have dementia at only age 55? A: It is possible for someone to have dementia, or Early onset Alzheimer’s disease, at age 55. However, any time you notice memory changes it is always important to start with a full [...]