Divorce prevalent among boomers

Today’s baby boomers range from 55 to 73 years old. Studies show that “gray divorce”—marital splits among senior and nearly senior citizens— is increasingly common. According to a Pew Research Center report, the divorce rate for people in the United States age 50 and older is now about double what it was in the 1990s. [...]

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Retirement Living: Is It Right for You?

QUESTION:  I have been widowed for almost two years and am now considering a move.  My home and yard are more than I want to continue to take care of.  However, I am active and independent.  I don’t need to be taken care of but at times am very lonely.  I am considering what they [...]

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Hospice 101

QUESTION:  I am looking for information about hospice. What is it, does Medicare cover it and how does a person qualify for coverage?   ANSWER:  Hospice is a unique way of caring for a person with an advanced illness.  It focuses on palliative care instead of curative care.  It includes pain management and other services [...]

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“Salute Our Veterans” scheduled in June

QUESTION:  Every year Cypress Place Assisted Living has a special event in honor of our veterans.  Do you know if that event is scheduled to be held again this year?   ANSWER:  A very timely question and yes the “Salute Our Veterans” event is scheduled for Wednesday June 26 at Cypress Place located at 1200 [...]

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Keep An Inventory of Your Wallet

QUESTION:  During a recent business trip my husband lost his wallet and I’m trying to replace the contents.  This is a difficult job since he doesn’t remember everything that he carried.  Please tell others to inventory what they carry with them in case they should have the need to replace a wallet’s contents.   ANSWER:  [...]

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