Hospice 101

QUESTION:  I am looking for information about hospice. What is it, does Medicare cover it and how does a person qualify for coverage?   ANSWER:  Hospice is a unique way of caring for a person with an advanced illness.  It focuses on palliative care instead of curative care.  It includes pain management and other services [...]

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Artwork may hold the key to effective problem-solving

Many years ago I took courses at the Center for Creative Leadership, a world-renowned leadership-development firm. I worked for Dole at the time, and I guess they had high hopes for my changing the world, or at least improving my portion of the organization. One of the courses I took was called “Leading Creatively.” I [...]

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Keep An Inventory of Your Wallet

QUESTION:  During a recent business trip my husband lost his wallet and I’m trying to replace the contents.  This is a difficult job since he doesn’t remember everything that he carried.  Please tell others to inventory what they carry with them in case they should have the need to replace a wallet’s contents.   ANSWER:  [...]

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