Things to look for when assessing driving skills

QUESTION:  My question concerns driving.  As a senior I know that changes occur as we age that could, among other things, affect our driving skills.  Do you have any suggestions on how to counter these issues?   ANSWER:  Much has been said about this subject.  It has been and still is written about and discussed [...]

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Classes offered for curious seniors

QUESTION:  A few friends of mine were telling me about the OLLI classes they have been taking at CSUCI and thought I might be interested in the upcoming offering.  Can you tell me about it --- when, where etc?   ANSWER:  Your friends were referring to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute known as “OLLI” that [...]

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25th Annual Love Run a community favorite

QUESTION:  Before I moved from the area I enjoyed taking part in Senior Concerns Love Run each spring.  Now I have returned to Ventura County and wonder if the Love Run is still an annual event?   ANSWER: Welcome back and yes the Love Run is still an annual event.  The Ladin Subaru 25th Annual [...]

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Protecting yourself from prescription drug side effects

QUESTION:  It seems I am hearing more and more about problems from prescription drug side effects and errors.  How can we protect ourselves?   ANSWER:  Since there will always be side effects from prescription drugs and errors will happen each one of us must take personal responsibility for understanding the medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, [...]

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