Special program helps seniors identify scams

QUESTION: Are there any events or seminars addressing scams against seniors on the schedule for those of us who live in Ventura? ANSWER: The Ventura County Adult Abuse Prevention Council, in collaboration with Cypress Place Senior Living, will present a program that uses theater to dramatize scams that target seniors. Members of the troupe, ages [...]

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Several programs offer caregiver support

QUESTION: In December Senior Concerns had a social gathering for those with memory loss and their family caregivers. Do you know if there will be more of these events? ANSWER: The event you are referring to was the Memory Café and yes as part of Senior Concerns’ commitment to providing support for seniors with dementia [...]

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Making the Best Better

How your small investment can become a significant return for seniors and family caregivers What if you could turn a small investment into a significant return for seniors and family caregivers here in our community? By joining Senior Concerns’ exclusive 300 Club, you can take a leadership role in improving the lives of our elders [...]

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Our Growing Team

Senior Concerns announces two new Board of Directors members Senior Concerns announces two new members to its Board of Directors. Barbara Billig (left) and Barbara Cornwall (right) have both recently joined the Board and are active on the organization’s Fundraising Committee. Barbara Billig is a partner in and is the Chief Financial Officer of Clearview [...]

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Volunteers: Making Magic Happen

Our amazing fundraisers Magic can happen when a group of volunteers get together with a mission and vision, and that’s exactly what is happening with Senior Concerns’ newly formed, all-volunteer Fundraising Committee. Chaired by Senior Concerns’ Board Chair Patricia Jones, the Fundraising Committee is tasked with planning a series of events to raise at least [...]

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An Answer to Her Prayers

Jineene and Karen find new hope in Senior Concerns' Adult Day Program. Everyone has a person they look up to. For Jineene, it has always been her mom, Karen. When Jineene was just 7 years old, her step-father was in a car accident, leaving him paralyzed. Karen took care of him while also working full [...]

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Medication taking made easier

My friend Lloyd, who has a demanding full-time job, is helping to care for his in-laws, who’ve moved closer to him due to their declining health. He shared with me that he’d been to the pharmacy eight times last month and was beginning to resent the amount of time he spent there. “The prescriptions my [...]

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