It’s important to learn to set better personal boundaries

Q: I realized that I have a hard time saying “no” to people. I feel like I am always bending backwards to help everyone else, and it is exhausting me! How can I learn to set better boundaries? Personal boundaries are the limits and rules that we set on our relationships. It sounds like you [...]

Overcoming reopening anxiety

After months and months of pandemic public health restrictions, stay-home orders and phased reopenings, the governor lifted the restrictions June 15 and we should come much closer to “normal” soon. As I check in with my own feelings about this transition, the two words that comes to mind for me are anticipation and anxiety. I [...]

What You Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine

The COVID vaccines are working to reduce transmission, prevent death and serious illness, and help ensure we will not see a third surge of this virus in our community. It is truly amazing to see the numbers of positive tests and hospitalizations reduced so drastically. And most importantly, to see few, if any, new deaths [...]

Caregiving course offers training many adults need

Like many, I entered the role of caregiver without any preparation. My husband and I began caring for our elderly neighbors, Fred and Hildy. Over time we were dealing with a dizzying array of doctor visits, personal care needs, and physical and cognitive health issues without any of their family to lean on. I had [...]