Tips for older job seekers

Q: I am looking for work as an older adult and finding it difficult. Do you have any tips for an older job seeker? A: Many older adults look for new work opportunities for various reasons, including financial needs, the joy of new work challenges and the satisfaction of completing a purposeful workday. However, job [...]

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Sunshine for the Soul

This week begins the season of spring. The sunsets are later, the temperatures warmer, and it is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful Southern California outdoors. Spending time in the natural sunlight has many health and wellness benefits. Take note of the many reasons the outdoors is important and make sure to prioritize this [...]

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Honoring Family Caregivers

As a social worker in the field of gerontology, I have worked directly with family caregivers for the last 15 years. This experience has changed my entire world view. I have never been so in awe, so inspired, and so touched by the amazing love and care that I witness. I have seen spouses who [...]

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