Senior Advocate: Safety tips apply at vacation hotels and at home

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010  Q: I am taking my first vacation since being widowed and will be staying alone at several locations. Do you have any hotel safety tips? A: Crime never takes a holiday, so always be aware of safety at home or away. Ask for a room near the elevator [...]

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Yesterday I heard a fact that frightened me

In 10 years we will have twice the number of seniors in Thousand Oaks than we have today. Think about it—double the number of people at the Goebel Senior Center, twice the amount of people signed up for Social Security and double the amount of seniors needing information, resources and services from our city. Here’s [...]

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Senior Advocate: Social Security can name third party to handle benefits

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010  Q: I have been told that Social Security has a program to assist individuals who cannot manage their financial affairs. Can you provide some details? A: There is such a program for people who receive Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and are not able to handle [...]

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Senior Advocate: Agencies that help seniors topic of Tuesday seminar

By Betty Berry, Oct. 5, 2010  Q: A few weeks ago you wrote about Senior Concerns’ 2010-11 Solving the Aging Puzzle seminar series. Toward the end of the article you mentioned that the first seminar would be in October. Could you provide more details? A: Yes, I certainly can. The article you are referring to [...]

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The Many Dimensions of Loss and Grief

During this season’s first episode of TV’s “Dancing With the Stars,” actress Jennifer Grey surprised herself when she broke into tears upon hearing the song she and her partner would be dancing to. It was a song from the movie “Dirty Dancing,” which evoked strong memories of her friend and co-star Patrick Swayze, who died [...]

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Senior Advocate: Talk to parents about their desires before care is needed

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010  Q: My parents live in another state. They are healthy but getting on in years, and I’m concerned about helping them when they need assistance. What can I do now? A: Caring for aging parents is a concern no matter where they live. There are, however, a few [...]

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