Medicare and how it works with other insurance

Q: I recently applied for my Medicare benefits and soon after received a form to complete asking for information about employer's health plans that I might be entitled to. Why would Medicare need such information? A: Medicare needs to know about other health care coverage to establish your benefits file and to determine whether or [...]

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Helping seniors to keep driving

As much or more than they wish to remain in their homes as they age, today’s seniors wish to keep their ability to drive for as long as possible. This should come as no surprise to most adults. The capacity to drive represents their ability to enjoy out-of-home activities when they choose to, and that [...]

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Senior Concerns Presents Free Seminar on “Diet and Memory: The MIND Diet Plan”

As part of an ongoing commitment to provide resources and support for family caregivers of those caring for aging loved ones, Senior Concerns will present a community seminar on “Diet and Memory: The MIND Diet Plan,” on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Senior Concerns, 401 Hodencamp Road, Thousand Oaks. This informative seminar, led [...]

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Senior Concerns offers two free presentations

In partnership with the National Council on Aging, Senior Concerns is offering one-stop shops for free economic check-ups to assist low-income adults in managing budgets, saving money, finding work, and setting financial goals. Participants in the economic check-up program must be age 55 or older with a household income at or below 250 percent of [...]

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Good driving manners help avoid road rage

Q: I've heard a lot about road rage lately and wonder if seniors are targeted victims. If so, what can we do to protect ourselves? A: It appears that road rage continues to be part of our lives. However, I think this type of anger is more likely directed at drivers' behaviors rather than at [...]

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How to be a savvy residential care shopper

Along with buying a new home come mounds of paperwork that must be signed. Most of us review documents in detail for accuracy and completeness because we recognize that we’ll be held to their terms and conditions. Some even hire an attorney to triple-check everything. Do seniors or their loved ones take the same precautions [...]

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Upcoming events are aimed at low-income seniors

Q: I am a low-income senior and have heard friends talk about assistance they are receiving from various programs. Do you know where I could obtain information about some of these programs? A: You have asked a question which might be of interest to many low-income seniors, so mark your calendar for May 23. That's [...]

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Protect yourself from all forms of identity theft

Q: I am trying to educate my parents about how identity theft can happen, but don't think they really believe what I am saying. Perhaps they would listen more if the information came from a third party. Can you address the way it happens? A: I would be glad to. The information will be informative [...]

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