Smart thinking makes life easier

If you’ve been reading how-to ideas on the Internet lately, you’ve probably come across the term “hack.” One definition of the word is a new technique that solves an old problem. Normally a hack is not an expected solution but something clever that gets the job done in a new and unique way—like taking a [...]

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Simi Valley Wellness Expo to be held in April

Q: In past years Simi Valley has offered a health expo in the spring at the senior center. Do you know if that event will be offered again this year? A: Yes, the Simi Valley Wellness Expo 2016 is scheduled from 8 a.m. to noon April 20. The theme for this year's expo is "For [...]

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Do you need an economic checkup

Q: A friend of mine just took part in a program called Economic Check-Up. What she told me about her appointment sounds like something I could benefit from. Is that program still being offered? A: Yes, Senior Concerns will be offering the Economic Check-Up program on April 14 at Senior Concerns Day Care Center, 401 [...]

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Social Security may need more information on disability claim

Q: My husband was considered disabled by his employer yet when he applied for Social Security disability he was turned down. Can you provide an explanation? A: It is not unusual for a person to be turned down when first applying for Social Security disability. Perhaps Social Security just needs some additional information. I always [...]

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Why disabilities might require different therapies

Q: Recently my husband had a stroke and required therapy. I was surprised that his treatment included different types of therapists. Can you explain the different types of therapy? A: That is a very good question. I'm sure many of us are a bit confused about the services of different health care providers. Generally you [...]

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Defining eye care specialists and their services

Q: I am beginning to have some problems with my vision but am unsure of which doctors are trained to do what procedures. Can you provide definitions for doctors and/or providers of eye care? A: I'd be glad to. It is very important to know the difference between the types of eye care specialists and [...]

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