Program available to help brain health

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Q: Some time ago, you wrote about a Brain Fitness Program being offered by Senior Concerns. Is that program still available? A: What a good memory. Yes, the Brain Fitness Program is still being offered, and a new four-week session is scheduled to begin March 28. The program [...]

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Understanding Medicare forms

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, March 22, 2011 Q: On occasion my doctor's office asks me to sign some sort of release saying if Medicare doesn't pay them, I'll be responsible. Can you explain the reason for such a step? A: Medicare beneficiaries are often asked by their doctor's office to sign a form agreeing to [...]

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Well-known advocate for the elderly is leaving to enjoy her golden years – Leader of Senior Concerns will retire

By: Michelle Knight, Thousand Oaks Acorn, Thursday, March 24, 2011 Carol Freeman, the president of Senior Concerns who launched several new programs and steadied funding for the nonprofit, is retiring.  Freeman’s last day on the job is April 29. “I will miss the people and not just the staff,” Freeman, 66, said last week. “There’s [...]

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Women rewrite the aging experience

March is National Woman’s History Month. While not in the history books quite yet, scores of women today are changing the aging experience for the better, by providing us new models for positive aging. Here are a few of the trailblazers. Helen Dennis and Bernice Bratter are members of the first generation of women to [...]

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Making homes more accessible

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, March 8, 2011 QUESTION: Our population is aging — that is being made very clear with the first of the baby boomers now reaching 65. Over the past years I have heard about designing homes for the older population and wonder if anyone is taking that seriously. Can you provide some [...]

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Curiosity boosts the brain

For the most part, our own education wasn’t on our minds as we raised our families and toiled away at our jobs. Most of our structured learning was completed in the classroom many years earlier, with the possibility of a little on-the-job training scattered in during our adult years. When we hear the term “lifelong [...]

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Changes in Medicare plans

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, March 1, 2011  Q: Each year when changes occur in Medicare deductibles and coinsurance you recap them in your column. I find that very useful but didn't see it this year. Did I miss it? A: No you didn't miss it. For a variety of reasons that column was never written [...]

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