Living long with purpose, goals

My Grandma Ada lived for 100 years and five days. The most important lesson she taught me was the value of a goal and a purpose. Technically speaking, Ada was my step-grandmother. My maternal grandmother (Nonna) passed away suddenly in her 70s, and my grandfather (Nonno) briefly courted and then married Ada. Ada was a [...]

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Stay alert and safe while out for a walk

Q: I have been told walking will help my physical problems. While I think walking is a great exercise, I am concerned with traffic and potential accidents. Do you have any hints on ways to reduce a chance of an accident? A: Pedestrian safety affects each of us every time we leave home, whether as [...]

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Second-half choices matter

If soap operas taught me anything, it’s that bad choices result in bad outcomes. As a teenager, I’d arrive home from school just in time for “General Hospital.” I can still remember the lies of omission Luke made to Laura that destroyed their relationship. Or the many times Blackie would refuse help from others, causing [...]

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Portion size is key to weight control

Q: I'm hearing more and more about how overweight the people of this nation are becoming — both young and old. We are told to eat right, cut back on portions and eat our fruit and vegetables. I'm not in control of how much food is served. Are there any guidelines for determining portion size [...]

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