Q: I have been told walking will help my physical problems. While I think walking is a great exercise, I am concerned with traffic and potential accidents. Do you have any hints on ways to reduce a chance of an accident?

A: Pedestrian safety affects each of us every time we leave home, whether as a pedestrian or a driver. Nationally, on average, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every seven minutes and one in six fatalities is a pedestrian.

The first step to safety is in the pedestrian’s attitude. Although it is a driver’s responsibility to look and wait for pedestrians, we know that isn’t always what happens. Those who walk need to be alert and concentrate on what is going on around them. It is not always the driver who is at fault.

Pedestrians should be realistic about their abilities. They should plan a route that is within their limits. This should include distance, existence of hills and crossing of main streets. Eyesight is also a concern. Concentrate on surface conditions, curbs and steps. Also good shoes are essential. They should fit well and have good traction.

Since about a quarter of all pedestrian accidents occur at intersections, it is essential to know how long it takes to cross the street. If need be, always wait for a new green light or walk signal rather than attempt to cross on a “stale” one. Obey all traffic signs and signals.

Walking with someone is always more pleasant so, if possible, find a buddy to share your walk. Walkers might also consider walking at a local mall. Many malls actually have walking clubs. It is an ideal place to walk as the weather indoors is always pleasant, the footing always flat and there is no automobile traffic to worry about.

Hope these hints help, and “happy walking.”

Q: In the last few months you have had information about health expos taking place in the eastern part of the county. Do you have any information about such events in the western part of the county?

A: Yes, I do. There is a health expo scheduled for next week at Cypress Place Senior Living, and it sounds great.

On April 27, Cypress Place Senior Living at 1200 Cypress Point Lane in Ventura will host a Health and Wealth Expo from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Events will include free blood pressure readings, mini stroke and vein screenings and balance and hearing tests. There will also be free wealth management consultations and veterans benefit information available.

The keynote speaker will be Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman, whose incredible true-life story inspired the “Gidget” novel, movies and TV shows. Hear how this gutsy, inspiring woman refuses to let life limit her even today as a 75-year-old surfing senior.

The day will also include a free, healthy, gourmet lunch and 30 amazing raffle prizes including one grand prize: a 50-inch HD flat-screen TV.

For more information about this fun-filled and informative day or to reserve your spot call 650-8000.

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