Be aware of safety when vacationing in hotels

Q: I am taking my first vacation since being widowed and will be staying alone at several locations. Do you have hotel safety tips? A: Ask for a room near the elevator rather than down an isolated hallway. Don't accept a room with only a single lock or without a peephole. While in your room, [...]

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What are the signs of criminal activity?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Q: We are constantly being told that if we see suspicious people or activities, we should report them. I'm not sure I know what a suspicious person looks like. Do you? A:There is no particular description of a suspicious person. Generally, anyone who seems out of place for an area, time [...]

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Seminar to discuss issues with aging

Senior Briefs, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 Monte Vista Presbyterian Church will present "Aging in America" on Feb. 4. Guest speakers will include Brenda Birdwell from Thousand Oaks Senior Concerns, Elizabeth Renteria from the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging and Annabel Blanchard, a local attorney who will talk about medical directives. There is no charge, [...]

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February programs for senior wisdom

February is a bonanza month for programs intended to help us plan and prepare for a good old age. Woodrow Wilson once said, “Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.” What happened to the older is wiser theory? When I was young my father defined wisdom as the [...]

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Senior advocate Betty Berry: Seminar to focus on lifestyle choices

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012 Q: I am interested in finding information on presentations that are of general interest. What do you see on the horizon? A:The Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation will present its eighth Senior Congress on Feb. 1. The seminar, "Eat, Play, Sleep: Healthy Senior Living," focuses on how lifestyle choices [...]

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Goebel Senior Center event will evaluate collectibles and antiques

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Q: During the past few months, I have been helping a friend get rid of clutter in her home. We've come across items that may be collectibles or antiques and are looking for a good source to evaluate them. Do you have any resources? A: An upcoming event [...]

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Aging Thousand Oaks couple still making weekly rounds for Meals on Wheels

By Dashiell Young-Saver, Special to the Acorn, December 22, 2011 Seventeen years ago Harry and Arlene Norkin, at ages 73 and 68, began delivering Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors in the Thousand Oaks area.  Now age 90 and 85, the couple continue to venture out every Thursday morning with a car full of food, [...]

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5 Things to Know Today: Jan. 5

By Rebecca Whitnall, Moorpark Patch, January 5, 2012 Welcome to "5 Things You Need to Know Today," a daily Patch feature that provides five quick tidbits of information in one spot. Here they are: A senior advocate from Senior Concerns will be providing services monthly at the Active Adult Center. She can help with a [...]

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Life skills for positive aging

Ever wonder what those hundred year-olds featured on the Smuckers’ segment of the Today Show, may have done right? In particular, what abilities might they possess, that allow them to live over a century, while still enjoying life? Since the world we live in has changed dramatically for a person who is a hundred years-old [...]

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Stay alert and on top of all medications to avoid errors and complications

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 Q: I seem to be reading and hearing more and more about medication errors lately. Those errors appear to happen in many ways at home and at health care facilities. Do you have any safety tips? A: Let's start at the doctor's office. First make sure all of [...]

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