3 steps to help avoid identity theft

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, May 10, 2011  Q: I am trying to educate my widowed mother about protecting herself from identity theft. But my words are falling on deaf ears. She reads your column. Can you help? A: I'll try. Identity theft is a serious crime that can cost you time and money, destroy your [...]

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Senior of the Year celebration

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Q: A few weeks ago, you wrote about the Thousand Oaks Council on Aging's Senior of the Year program and indicated the award ceremony would be held June 2. Do you have the details as to where, etc.? A: Yes, I now have all the details on the [...]

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When seniors no longer drive

I remember when my father in law, Danny, bought his last car. Recently retired, he splurged on a new Lincoln Town Car that was far fancier than any car he’d owned in the past. He drove it around town with such pride. He and his wife, Mary, took that car to countless Irish events, to [...]

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Senior Concerns Bargain Boutique Art Sale

The Bargain Boutique has received a very generous art donation from the family of Mr. Roger Meyers. Mr. Meyers, a long time art connoisseur and broker, collected the many pieces comprising this donation. The collection includes portraits, landscapes, florals, birds, Asian prints, and more. The art is beautifully framed, ranging from the simple to the ornate. We appreciate the [...]

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President of Senior Concerns plans retirement

By Alicia Doyle, Ventura County Star,  May 10, 2011 As Carol Freeman prepares to leave her role as president of Senior Concerns, she is humbled and honored by the kind words, praise and wishes for a good retirement. "None of what I have done was accomplished single-handedly," said Freeman, 66, of Thousand Oaks. "I am [...]

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Senior Concerns Annouces New President

The Board of Directors of Senior Concerns is pleased to announce the appointment of Lori Litel, MSW, as the President of Senior Concerns.  With twenty years of non-profit executive management and a high level of visionary leadership, the Board is confident that Ms. Litel will lead Senior Concerns into the future with enthusiasm and success. [...]

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Seminar to discuss hospice care

By Betty Berry, Tuesday, April 26, 2011  Q: I am interested in learning more about hospice care. Is there someone or somewhere that I can get this information? A: Yes, there is. The next seminar in Senior Concerns' "Solving the Aging Puzzle" series will address hospice care and who provides such services and where. "Hospice: [...]

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