Sole searching for comfort

My cocker spaniel, Rolo, has gradually lost most of his eyesight. When I’m in the kitchen, he stares intently at my feet because his vision is so poor. If I walk toward the refrigerator or the pantry he knows there might be a treat for him. I’m thankful no humans stare that closely at my [...]

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What it means if your doctor ‘accepts assignment’

Q: I am about to sign up for Medicare and have more than a few questions. But the question I currently have regards doctors and why, when selecting a doctor, you should ask, "Does he or she take assignment?" What does that mean? A: There are many questions that could and perhaps should be asked [...]

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Some rules on how private insurance and Medicare work

Q: I recently applied for my Medicare benefits and soon after received a form to complete asking for information about employer's health plans that I might be entitled to. Why would Medicare need such information? A: Medicare needs to know about other health care coverage to establish your benefits file and to determine whether or [...]

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Matching gifts are often overlooked

Paid vacations, sick leave, health insurance and retirement plans are benefits companies commonly offer their employees. But, as part of their commitment to corporate philanthropy, many employers offer another benefit that is frequently overlooked: a matching gift program designed to support the nonprofits their employees are passionate about. Today, one-third of all employees in America [...]

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Don’t be overwhelmed by Medicare and other options

Q: I am attempting to help an elderly relative with health care coverage selection. I am so confused, and I can't believe a senior is required to understand all of the options available. I have run into Medicare, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Medigap and Medicare Advantage. Everything starts with an M, and they all sound alike. Also, [...]

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If you have time, many groups would love to have you volunteer

Q: I have been a very busy person all my adult life and was looking forward to having free time when I retired. Now that I am retired I find myself with time on my hands and it is not all that I thought it would be. I'm considering volunteering but not sure what types [...]

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The yin and yang of caregiving

On a recent trip home to New Hampshire I felt the yin and yang of family caregiving or, more specifically, the interconnected and sometimes opposing forces of the local family caregiver and the long-distance ones. While my mother is the primary caregiver for my father, my sister Carla, who lives less than 5 miles from [...]

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