Monthly seminar for seniors in Westlake Village

Q: A friend of mine just told me that she has attended several presentations of interest to seniors at the Westlake Village Civic Center. Is this an ongoing offering and, if so, can you provide particulars? A: Your friend is right on the mark. Senior Concerns and the city of Westlake Village present a monthly [...]

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Dial-A-Ride services expanding

Starting Aug. 3, a new service will offer seniors van rides between the cities of Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Simi Valley, unincorporated areas and other places in the East County. The intercity Dial-A-Ride and Americans with Disabilities Act program will allow seniors 65 and older and ADA cardholders to travel between most areas in eastern Ventura [...]

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People need to be aware of their medications

Q: I’ve been hearing a lot lately about medication errors and am concerned about my dad and his prescriptions. What might I do to help avoid a problem? A: I did some checking with those who work with prescriptions and was told that about half of patient safety issues are related to medications. To ensure [...]

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Senior Concerns and Hospice of the Conejo to Launch Caring Companions Grief Support Group

Senior Concerns is pleased to announce a partnership with Hospice of the Conejo to present a free weekly grief support group for seniors who need help to recover from the loss of a spouse or significant other. This new support group is offered in addition to the four support groups that are currently offered by [...]

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Plan to attend meeting on Village to Village program

Q: I, like many seniors, want to age in my own home. I have heard people use the terms “aging in place” and “village to village” and would like to learn more about both. Can you suggest where I could start my research? A: You are not alone in wanting to remain in your own [...]

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A future look at caregiving

A 2009 study concluded that the majority of family caregivers are white, female, employed, average 50 years of age and help in the care of a relative, often their mother. The support systems for seniors and their family caregivers are built around this pattern. Since the world is changing at lightning speed, I wonder what [...]

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How to identify a possible scam

Q: I am ashamed to admit I was a victim of a scam. Can you give some hints that will help others spot a con artist? A: Don’t beat up on yourself for being taken. Anyone can be a victim. A clever con artist is a good actor who disarms the victim with a good-guy [...]

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Improving senior nutrition

It’s a well-documented fact that the majority of older adults would prefer to live at home. What you may not know is that nutrition problems are widespread among those who choose to do so. According to various studies, between 24 and 50 percent of the Medicare population is estimated to be at some level of [...]

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Best to prepare for senior care before you need it

Q: My parents are getting on in age and will eventually need my assistance. I have no idea where to start planning. Can you suggest some starting points? A: Many people avoid dealing with this subject until a crisis arises. You are to be congratulated for wanting to be prepared. There are four areas that [...]

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Medicare benefits can determine where you receive care

Q: I have Medicare as my health care insurance. I am wondering if I have any say in what hospital I would use if I need that type of care. Are there any rules about where I must or could go? A: Whether you have a choice depends on how you receive your Medicare benefits. [...]

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