Understanding ‘activities of daily living’

Q: I am researching long-term care and have encountered the term “activities of daily living.” Can you provide a list of these activities and a definition of each? A: “Activities of daily living” are the basic personal activities each of us must perform daily. The list typically includes bathing, dressing, eating, continence, toileting, transferring and [...]

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Identity theft hits home

Who would have thought my parents would become the victims of identity theft? Not long ago, my parents received a letter from the FBI informing them their Medicare Advantage Plan insurance company had been hacked, and names, Social Security numbers and other personal information had been compromised. I was so skeptical of this letter that [...]

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Retirement Income: Paying the Bills When the Paychecks Stop

This informative seminar, Paul Norr, a Certified Financial Planner™, will focus on the importance of planning, the three steps you should take to plan for a secure future, the four proven retirement income strategies used by financial planners, safety-first approaches to retirement income planning, and primary financial risks in retirement and how to manage them. [...]

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Unlocking a new kind of care

A few weeks ago my dad landed in the hospital. Mom drove him to the emergency room because his blood pressure was fluctuating wildly. To be accurate, this blood pressure condition has been going on for some time now. A year ago it was this same condition that took my father from hospital to rehab [...]

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Love Run supports meals program

Q: In the past I have participated in Senior Concerns’ Love Run. It seems it is about that time of year. Is it on the schedule for June? A: Yes, it is. The 22nd annual Love Run is scheduled for June 7. Registration and start of activities will take place at 3011 Townsgate Road (between [...]

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