Stay safe when using ATMs

Q: A group of us was discussing ATMS the other night, and it seemed we all had different ideas about how scams happen and how to protect against them. Do you have suggestions? A: When using an ATM you need to be alert to a number of things to prevent theft. First, be alert to [...]

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Senior Concerns launches new caregiver support effort

Senior Concerns in Thousand Oaks has launched a Family Caregiver Support Center, which includes a mobile unit for outreach to churches, senior centers, places of employment and other sites throughout east Ventura County.   “Stressed caregivers already have so few hours in the day for themselves,” said Andrea Gallagher, president of Senior Concerns. “By coming [...]

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New center offers caregivers support

Thousand Oaks resident Suzi Hogan began providing aroundthe clock care for her mother after rescuing her from an abusive retirement home in Kentucky three years ago. But the challenge of looking after the needs of her aging parent, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease and dementia, pushed her to her limits. Hogan had a heart attack [...]

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Nonprofit expands care for caregivers

Senior Concerns celebrates grand opening of support center By Anna Bitong HELPING THE CAREGIVERS—Viki Kind explains the concept of the new mobile unit to attendees during the grand opening of Senior Concerns’ Caregiver Support Center on July 15. RICHARD GILLARD/Acorn Newspapers Thousand Oaks resident Suzi Hogan began providing aroundthe clock care for her mother [...]

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Prepare for your visit to the DMV

Q: It seems like I’ve been renewing my driver’s license by mail forever, and now a notice tells me I must renew at the Department of Motor Vehicles office. Why? Any suggestions for success on the written test? A: You’ve asked two good questions that I’ll try to answer. According to the DMV, several conditions [...]

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Home safe home

My husband and I are in the planning stages of renovating our living quarters, including the downstairs bath, kitchen and living room. It dawned on me as we began our plans: 30 years ago, homes were designed for a person of average height who has perfect eyesight and hearing, can walk from one room to [...]

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Making home safer for a senior helps entire family

Q: My father will be moving into my home. He has mobility problems, and I want to make the house as free from potential falls as possible. Do you have any suggestions? A: Making your home safe for your father will also make it safer for the rest of your family, as anyone can tumble [...]

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