Follow fire safety rules

QUESTION: I live alone and am very much afraid of fire. I would like to “fireproof” my home but don’t have any idea on how to start. ANSWER: Every year, home fires kill and injure thousands of people, many of them seniors. You can stop fires before they start by following basic fire safety rules: [...]

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Picking the right skilled-nursing facility

An individual typically takes one of two paths to a skilled nursing facility: straight from the hospital or from home when they become too frail or sick to care for themselves. In the first case, when the stay is for temporary doctor-ordered rehabilitation, the patient rarely has a say about which facility they’re transferred to. [...]

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Review health care plans

QUESTION: I am attempting to help several older members of my family with their health care coverage and trying to understand various concepts such as Medicare fee-for-service, original Medicare, health maintenance organization plans, Senior Advantage plans, and Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. Can you help? ANSWER: This is an excellent [...]

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Services for seniors living at home

QUESTION: I am trying to collect information on services available to seniors who want to remain in their homes. Is there one location where I can start my search? ANSWER: The Camarillo Council on Aging is offering a panel presentation, “Local Safety Nets for Seniors,” that seems to fit your need. The event will be [...]

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Dealing with the most difficult transition

Next week we begin the heart-wrenching steps to place my father in a skilled-nursing facility in New Hampshire. Parkinson’s disease has taken its toll on him and on my mother, his caregiver. I am thankful this day was so long in coming— over 20 years from the date of his diagnosis—but still too soon for [...]

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It’s open enrollment time

QUESTION: If I remember correctly, it is about this time of year that Medicare has its annual open enrollment. Can you provide the dates? ANSWER: Medicare annual open enrollment will start Oct. 15 and run through Dec. 7. During this period, you can change the coverage you have from Medicare-fee-for-service (also known as Original Medicare) [...]

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