Beating the blues during the holidays

Q: I am a new caregiver for my widowed father and concerned about facing the holidays this year. Someone told me that Senior Concerns was giving a seminar for caregivers about getting through the holiday season. Can you tell me when and where? A: A "Strategies for Beating the Blues" seminar will be offered from [...]

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Seminar: Strategies for Beating the Holiday Blues

The next installment of Caregiver University, "Strategies for Beating the Holiday Blues," will be held Thursday, November 15, 2012, 3:30-5:00 PM.  Information will be presented on: The difference between the blues and depression, taking the pressure off of stressful situations, managing situations that arise during holidays, and much more.  The seminar will be facilitated by [...]

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What I learned from my shingles scare

Have you met anyone who’s had shingles? If so, they probably have a lot to tell you about their experience. My mother-in-law, who is a lung cancer survivor, says the pain associated with healing from her lung cancer surgery was nothing in comparison to the pain she experienced from the shingles outbreak she suffered 10 [...]

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Social Security, Medicare topics of seminar

Q: My friends range in age from their early 50s to their mid-70s. When we talk about retirement, we have many conflicting beliefs. Is there somewhere we could go as a group to hear the facts about Social Security and Medicare? A: Probably the best way to start learning about these programs is to attend an [...]

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T.O. life planning session aims to help baby boomers prepare for retirement

Because of choice or finances, traditional retirement is not an option for many baby boomers, said Andrea Gallagher, president of Senior Concerns and the Life Planning Network. "Boomers need help figuring out their choices," said Gallagher, who also is life transitions chairwoman for the Conference on Positive Aging. Senior Concerns and the Thousand Oaks Council [...]

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Speaker series targets boomer generation

“Life isn’t over till it’s over.” So says motivational speaker and Thousand Oaks resident Jim Cathcart. “So many people think so small about their senior years. But if you make good choices, you can have a rich life until you stop breathing.” Cathcart, 66, will act as master of ceremonies for the inaugural Boomer Bootcamp, [...]

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