In the right kind of home, seniors can age in place

Q: Most seniors want to "age in place" but their current homes do not fit their current physical needs. Do you have any suggestions about what they should consider if downsizing or remodeling? A: There are many issues that should be considered when building or remodeling for this aging population. But rather than have a [...]

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Credit card debt can be problem for anyone, even seniors

Q: I have a friend who is really in debt because of her credit cards. I've tried to talk to her about the problem but my words seem to fall on deaf ears. I think if she read about credit card debt in your column she might realize the trouble she is in. Will you [...]

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Give milestone gifts with meaning

Last week my sister asked me for a gift idea for a friend who was turning 50. As I began to brainstorm with her, my thoughts turned to how a person might feel on the occasion of a milestone birthday, whether it be 50, 60, 70, 80 or beyond. Do milestone birthdays change the way [...]

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Stay alert to avoid Medicare fraud

Q: In the past I've heard about Medicare fraud and how important it is for everyone to fight it. I'm sure fraud occurs in all areas of care but am concerned with services provided by in-home agencies. What red flags would you suggest we look for? A: You are correct. Fraud occurs in all areas [...]

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You must be alert when using an ATM

Q: A group of us were out the other night when one person needed to use an ATM. When she returned to the table a discussion about ATM's and scams took place. It seemed we all had different ideas about how it happens and how to protect against it. Do you have any thoughts on [...]

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Think before setting a password

If you are internet savvy, you are mindful that you should not click on an email link from an unknown source. You are wary of online ads for items that are too good to be true, like that miracle anti-aging cure or the financial investment that will earn you millions overnight. You ignore email requests [...]

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