Food and wine event to benefit Senior Concerns

By: Alicia Doyle, Ventura County Star Food and wine pairings and auction items including a Caribbean cruise will be featured at the 27th Ultimate Dining Experience benefit. The event raises money for Senior Concerns, a Thousand Oaks-based nonprofit that serves seniors and their caregivers in Ventura and western Los Angeles counties. The net fundraising goal [...]

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Seniors struggle financially

Today’s news stories speak volumes. Seniors struggle to make ends meet . . . more elderly find they can’t afford not to work . . . baby boomers are forced to support parents. A growing number of seniors are struggling financially. Forced to choose between meals and medications, homeowners insurance and healthcare, or cable and [...]

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Wages, earnings and income are not the same from government’s point of view

Q: I recently applied for a government program and became confused by the request about wages, earnings, income and assets. Do you have a definition for these categories? A: The words "wages" and "earnings" are parts of income and differ greatly from assets. Income is what comes into a household each month. What is left [...]

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Get the Tools You Need for a Happy, Healthy and Comfortable Retirement At Boomer Bootcamp, October 10, 17, and 24, 2012

As the boomer generation ages, they are experiencing more change than any generation before them. To address this need, Senior Concerns and the Thousand Oaks Council on Aging present Boomer Bootcamp , a speaker series designed to help baby boomers plan and look forward to the next 30 years. Boomer Bootcamp is planned for three [...]

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The epidemic among us

Jessica and her husband are worried about their elderly neighbors, Bill and Rachel. Living alone and in their 80s, Bill and Rachel have been staples in the neighborhood for years. Rachel, who is a beautiful woman and prides herself on her appearance, has appeared outside her house each day wearing the same stained dress. When [...]

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Enjoying good food for a good cause

Q: I have just returned to the Thousand Oaks area and am trying to get caught up on activities that take place in the community. Does Senior Concerns still have its Ultimate Dining Experience fundraiser? A: Yes. The Ultimate Dining Experience is a major fundraiser that enables the nonprofit Senior Concerns to provide vital services [...]

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Program to address how to talk to family about end-of-life issues

By Alicia Doyle, Ventura County Star An aging-care specialist with a master's degree in counseling, Annette Broersma thinks acceptance of the reality of death helps people live more freely. "Not talking about the 'D word' is ignoring the elephant in the room," said Broersma, the community relations director at The Reserve at Thousand Oaks, where [...]