Are we taking too many pills?

I recently assisted in moderating a local research study of individuals who took six or more prescription medications a day. Some participants spoke of needing to take pills with food, while others needed to take their medication on an empty stomach. Some were required to split their pills, and some needed to modify their dosage [...]

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A new area code coming soon

QUESTION:  I just heard that a new area code will be added to our area and this will result in our having to change the way we dial our friends and neighbors.  Is this correct?   ANSWER:  Yes.  Beginning June 30, 2018 new telephone lines or services in the 805 area may be given numbers [...]

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Look for your new Medicare cards

QUESTION:  Is this the month that the new Medicare cards will start being mailed to those who are currently receiving Medicare benefits?   ANSWER:  Yes.  The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 required the Agency to remove Social Security numbers from all Medicare cards by April 2019.  The process of delivering these new [...]

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Why do we volunteer?

In almost every case, those who volunteer express a desire to give what they’re capable of to a cause that is meaningful to them—and to make a difference along the way. The process of connecting a volunteer to the opportunity that fits them best has always been fascinating to me. With scores of possibilities available [...]

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April is Parkinson’s disease Awareness Month

QUESTION:  Just recently a friend of mine was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  I am at a loss of exactly what Parkinson’s disease is and what I can do to help my friend.  Is there somewhere that I can go to learn more?   ANSWER:  I am sorry to hear about your friend but glad to [...]

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Seniors can get involved by volunteering

QUESTION:  I recently met with a group of retired friends and we all spoke about having time on our hands.  Someone suggested volunteering.  Do you have any suggestions?   ANSWER:  Your question is not only a good one but also very timely as April is “Volunteer Appreciation Month.”   Volunteering is a wonderful way to [...]

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