Not all charities are the same

QUESTION:  I am a believer in sharing and give to a number of charities.  However, lately I am beginning to question how much of the donation, if any, is actually going to those that the charity claims they are helping.  Any suggestions?   ANSWER:  My first thought is give to a charity that you are [...]

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Senior Concerns honors family caregivers

QUESTION:  If I remember correctly about this time of year there has been a program recognizing those who serve as family caregivers.  Do you know if such a program is on the schedule for this year?   ANSWER:  Yes it is.  On Friday March 2nd  Senior Concerns will host “Caregivers Matter . . . Conejo [...]

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Careful estate planning helps to avoid probate

QUESTION:  I have heard much said about probate and avoiding it if possible.  I am not exactly sure what happens during probate.  Can you enlighten me?   ANSWER:  Probate is a court procedure which starts with determining the validity of a will presented to the court and ends with the distribution of assets to the [...]

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Senior Concerns offers a Path to Positive Aging series

QUESTION:  For a number of years I have attended a seminar series offered by Senior Concerns.  Do you know if that series will be offered again this year?   ANSWER:  Yes the series for 2018 will again be titled “Path to Positive Aging”.  The series started on January 9th with “Navigating Placement Choices.”   The [...]

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