Zoom cameras: Keep on or switch off?

During the past year I’ve been on more than my fair share of Zoom meetings. Every such meeting has a personality of its own. Take, for example, the Zoom meetings hosted by Community Care Licensing, a jurisdiction Senior Concerns falls under. With hundreds of people on the call, we are provided with guidance concerning COVID [...]

Proactive estate planning helps to make a stressful situation more manageable

Q: I have seen a few friends become widows and it suddenly occurred that it could happen to me! What do I do to prepare myself in case my husband passes away before I do? A: Preparation will always make a stressful situation more manageable. When a loss occurs suddenly and someone is thrust into [...]

Finding help when you can’t afford home care, but you don’t qualify for Medi-Cal

Q: My husband needs more care than I can provide, but we cannot afford the cost of home care agencies. We make too much money for Medi-Cal services, but not enough to pay for private care. What can I do to get help? A: You bring up a very difficult situation that we hear about [...]

Knowing where to turn after a loved one’s health crisis

Right now I’m aware of several neighbors dealing with the sudden health crises of aging loved ones. Once the short-term crisis is dealt with, they will have to decide where to turn next. I have seen queries about these types of choices on Nextdoor. And while I love Nextdoor for restaurant recommendations and learning about [...]